Vac-Con Trucks Make a Clean Sweep of Debris Removal
By Michael McClanahan / May 30, 2021

Whether on job sites or city streets, Vac-Con® industrial vacuum trucks and heavy-duty machines are found wherever fast, efficient debris removal is called for. Their world-class industrial vacuum trucks and loaders are guaranteed to save time, money, and effort performing tasks ranging from exposing in-ground utilities, soil trenching, sewer jetting, and debris removal including safer, more...

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Mike McClanahan - May 25, 2021

From Airport Runways to Streets and Parking Lots, Schwarze Sweepers Get the Job Done

You’ve seen what a flock of birds can do to an airliner—they even made a movie about it—but what about rocks and miscellaneous debris left or blown onto runways? Engines are at maximum power on...

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April 28, 2021

OJ Watson Keeps ‘Em Flying (and Driving), Part 2

OJ Watson Keeps ‘Em Flying (and Driving), Part 2 People in the Rocky Mountain region know that spring is one of the snowiest times of year. April is Denver’s second snowiest month and measurable...

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April 16, 2021

OJ Watson Keeps ‘Em Flying

When Denver International Airport (DIA) opened in 1995, it was the world’s largest airport in land area, since surpassed only by King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia. It’s larger than the...

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March 15, 2021

Customize Your Truck for a Perfect Fit

Is your truck doing the job as well as you want? Or are you trying to shove a square load into a round place—sometimes literally? Many times a truck fresh off the lot won’t have the “bells and...

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March 11, 2021


Denver news meteorologists forecast a record setting Snowmageddon this upcoming March weekend. One model shows the potential for up to 40” of snow in the metro area. CBS Local predicts the snowstorm...

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February 26, 2021

Platform Trucks are the Foundation for Multiple Uses

Platform trucks are the most versatile choice for hauling equipment and supplies to job sites and for customized applications for many specialized tasks. With a choice of wood or steel floors, a...

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