By Michael McClanahan / May 01, 2024

Gaming imitates life. In both, bigger is better. It’s summertime and the last thing you’re thinking about is icy roads. Any minute now, you may be sweating it poolside. But the 70.2 million daily users and more than 216 million monthly active users of Roblox, the internet gaming platform, are test driving the Roblox Snow Plow Simulator. The game, which can be viewed on YouTube (along with tips to...

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Seasonal Change Brings Service Needs

As the season changes from winter to spring, so do the tasks your work trucks will perform. And while you’re outfitting your fleet for the new work ahead, it’s the perfect time to assess any wear,...

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Michael McClanahan - April 21, 2024

The Landscape(ing) Keeps Changing. Are You?

Lush landscapes carpeted in Kentucky Bluegrass are fading away as fast as the Rockies hope of winning a World Series anytime soon. Legislation signed recently by Colorado governor Jared Polis...

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Michael McClanahan - March 19, 2024

The Spring Sweeps Are Coming

They’re not exactly sweepstakes, but the stakes can be high for companies and agencies tasked with keeping roads and properties safe and clear of debris. Springtime storms are notorious for both...

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Michael McClanahan - March 07, 2024

Electrification Push Continues. Will You Be Ready?

Colorado is one of nine states pledging to have 65% of all new residential HVAC and hot water systems be electric heat pumps by 2030. That goal rises to 90% by 2040. Several municipalities are going...

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Michael McClanahan - February 27, 2024

Let It Snow!

As March turns the season from winter to spring, savvy Coloradans know there’s plenty more snow to come. And those of us in the snow removal business know it doesn’t let up till May along the Front...

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Michael McClanahan - February 10, 2024

Over 70 Million Reasons Denver International Loves O.J. Watson

2023 saw Denver International Airport’s busiest year ever and O.J. Watson Equipment is proud to have helped make it possible. According to a press release by the airport, Denver International served...

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