Frigid Weather Calls for a Gritty Response
By Michael McClanahan / January 30, 2023

When the mountains and plains get a typical snowstorm, armadas of plows and graders move the white stuff off to the side of roads and highways or scoop it into piles in remote areas of parking lots. Then the sun comes out and dutifully melts or evaporates what’s left behind. This year, it’s been different. An unusual combination of wet Pacific air followed by Arctic blasts has resulted in heavy...

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January 23, 2023

Work Trucks Drive Marshall Fire Rebuild

The end of 2022 marked the first anniversary of the Boulder County wildfire commonly referred to as the Marshall Fire. A devastating, windswept fire ravaged through the communities of Superior and...

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Michael McClanahan - December 28, 2022

When Off-the-Lot Isn’t Quite Right

O.J. Watson Equipment proudly represents industry-leading brands like Vac-Con, Oshkosh, Schwarze, and Monroe for purpose-built sweepers, snow and ice control, lifting, hauling and dozens of other...

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Michael McClanahan - December 14, 2022

When the Snow Flies… Getting There is Only Half the Job

Whether you’re a shopping center, a ski resort, or an international airport, your patrons need a place to park when they reach your property. Fortunately, O.J. Watson Equipment has the trucks you...

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By Michael McClanahan - November 30, 2022

The Schwarze A4 Storm—Full-Size Performance, Compact Design

Looking for big performance in a small package? Then the Schwarze enhanced A4 Storm is the sweeper for you. The A4 Storm’s short wheelbase makes it highly maneuverable while meeting or exceeding...

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Mike McClanahan - November 28, 2022

Parts Planning Prevents Problems

Face it, even the best work trucks break down, especially in the winter when fleets are often pressed into emergency services under the worst conditions. And when a truck is in the shop, it isn’t...

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Mike McClanahan - October 25, 2022

We Know Snow

For the second consecutive year, Colorado has seen exceptionally mild fall weather. Even the foothills have been spared all but occasional light dustings of snow. And while mid-October is the Denver...

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