Be Proactive with your Fall & Winter Fleet Needs
By Mike McClanahan / September 28, 2021

We’ve all heard about the chip shortage plaguing the auto industry, and if your plans include adding light trucks and vans to your fleet, that can cause significant delays. And while larger, heavy-duty machines may not be impacted quite as much, they rely on microchips, too, and in places that don’t even exist on over-road vehicles. Places like lift and dump controls, blowers and sweepers, and...

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October 12, 2020


Vacuum trucks, particularly with the newer recycler function, reduce costs and help save the environment. Municipalities, contractors, and federal agencies are expanding their use of vacuum trucks...

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September 22, 2020


SCHWARZE M6 AVALANCHE™ TWIN-ENGINE SWEEPER DEMO NOW at OJ WATSON Sweeping season is year-round. Landscapers, municipalities, asphalt companies and more use these powerful machines to increase...

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August 12, 2020


Loss of spring and summer revenues mean NOW is the time to make a move…to OJ Watson floor deals for snowplows. The leader in quality service trucks and plows has the best snowplow on the market....

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PR Web - October 04, 2018

Keep Your Tools Safe and Dry with Weather Guard® Tool Boxes

DENVER – Tired of listening to your tools rattling around in your truck bed? Digging through a pile of tools to find that wrench you need? Parking next to the café window to keep an eye on your...

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October 04, 2018

More than a service truck, O.J. Watson and Reading creations are productivity personified

DENVER – It sure looks like just a service truck. It's a mobile tool box, a rolling parts warehouse, an equipment carrier, a hauler, a boom and hoist platform, a work station, a dump bed, a delivery...

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PR WEB - February 28, 2013

Dump Trucks – The Unsung Heroes of Contracting – Are Becoming Sophisticated Machines

DENVER – Dump trucks are one of the less glamorous members of the working truck family, but try to imagine what it would have been like boring the Eisenhower Tunnel if all that rock had to be hauled...

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