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When the Snow Flies… Getting There is Only Half the Job
By Michael McClanahan / December 14, 2022

Whether you’re a shopping center, a ski resort, or an international airport, your patrons need a place to park when they reach your property.

Fortunately, O.J. Watson Equipment has the trucks you need to keep your lots free of ice and snow. From plow blades for pickups to massive snow blowers, our winter workhorses can tackle anything Mother Nature throws your way.

Purpose-Built Solutions
Big jobs take big trucks and when you have a mountain pass or airport runway to clear, heavy-duty truck bodies with Oshkosh dual-engine blowers can throw as much as 5,000 tons of snow an hour as far as 200 feet making them the ultimate solution heavy duty snow removal. The blowers are synched to the truck wheels to allow the drivers to concentrate on the path ahead, adding a large measure of safety to hazardous operating conditions.

For routine road and lot maintenance, we design central hydraulic systems that operate in conjunction with the latest, most sophisticated electrical controls to operate plows, sanders, and liquid dispensing systems. Steel plows, poly plows, underbody scrapers—we’re here to work with you and build the trucks that you need to keep your property and roads safe and clear.

We also retrofit and repurpose existing work trucks and can equip any truck with multiple attachments for maximum efficiency and ROI.

Top-Rate Service Keeps ‘Em Running, Too
Snow and ice control equipment is subject to some of the most extreme working conditions imaginable, so it’s no surprise that they often have heavier service needs than other work trucks. Fortunately, O.J. Watson has extensive service facilities in both our Denver and Greeley locations. We keep them stocked with OEM parts and staffed with highly trained mechanics. Our designers are experts in custom fabrication of parts and accessories that aren’t available off-the-shelf.

OJ is the OG in Work Trucks
O.J. Watson has been building and maintaining trucks from pickups to large workhorses for over 100 years, so you can be sure you're getting the finest designs and equipment backed up by OEM parts and superior service. With facilities in Denver and Greely, we’re easy to get to from all Front Range and rural Colorado locations.

We have a huge variety of truck bodies, accessory items, and parts available, and we are experts in custom fabrication to meet every need. Whatever specialized truck and truck equipment you require, from large to small, O.J. Watson is proudly prepared to handle it.

Learn more about snow and ice control equipment and our other many products and services on our website: ojwatson.com.