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It all begins with a customer's needs: A truck needs to be built so a job can be accomplished, but the service can never end. Whether it's stocking the equipment for quick delivery or having the part on the shelf to get you back up and working, at O.J. Watson Equipment, service is not just another department: it's a commitment.

The bywords at O.J. Watson Equipment are: "Listen to the customers, build to their specifications, and involve them in the process." To that end, service continues well after the truck is driven out of the door and ready to go to work. At O.J. Watson, equipment service never ends.

O.J. Watson Equipment can offer customers a variety of avenues for purchasing not only equipment, but acquiring the truck as well. We have availability to Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, Dodge and Isuzu pool trucks, as well as ship through on Ford, GMC and Chevrolet. Please contact our Sales Department for information. At O.J. Watson Equipment, we have the trucks available.


O.J. Watson services the trucks we build, the equipment we sell and we also service trucks customers purchased elsewhere. Our commitment is to keep your trucks performing at their best with minimal down time.

With 20 mechanics on the floor in the Denver shop and 10 in the Greeley shop, we’re positioned to be responsive. We support fleet owners servicing their specialized trucks when repairs are needed, even when they perform routine maintenance have their own service shops to provide services too. There are certain trucks where our services are better than any other. Our regular customers recognize this and rely on O.J. Watson for those specialized services. Contact our Service Coordinator today.


  • Lift gate repair
  • Craine inspections
  • Plow repair—Small plows to Class 8
  • Hydraulic repair
  • Dump truck repair
  • plus all the repairs your custom truck requires.


O.J. Watson has all the parts you need to keep your custom trucks on the job and on the road. We build quality custom trucks and for that we use only proven and premium quality parts. The result is that your truck is reliable and performs without a hitch.

While 90% of our parts sales are to customers whose trucks we’re building and servicing, we also sell parts to customers to repair their own trucks. Our parts manufacturers are trusted brands. And because we build unique custom trucks we have more brands and parts available than other custom truck builders. Contact our Parts Department today.

Our partners:

  • Boss
  • Weather Guard
  • Schwarze Sweepers
  • and Many More
  • Visit our Demo Units page for our Parts Specials!

Custom Trucks

Each year, the O.J. Watson custom build team pushes out 200-300 new trucks. VP of Operations Dan Junevicus, with O.J. Watson for more than 15 years, starting out as a parts driver and working his way up to run Parts & Services departments, is particularly proud of the quality O.J. Watson delivers time and time again. “We build a work horse truck that’s pure quality,” he says, adding, “Just knowing you’re part of an amazing team that has such talent on the floor is rewarding.”

The process of building a custom truck begins with a review of the customer’s specific needs. O.J. Watson’s experts can recommend modifications or additional functions to increase the truck’s performance and functionality based on what we’ve learned from building thousands of custom trucks for large fleets to individual truck owners. Contact our Sales Department today.


  • Colorado
  • Wyoming
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • and beyond.

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