Demo Units For Sale

Sometimes all you need is an off-the-shelf solution. O.J. Watson Equipment has any number of Demo Units in stock at any given time ready for delivery: from Oshkosh trucks, MB airport runway brooms, hydraulics and dump trucks, to single-person asphalt repair equipment, street sweepers, aerial platforms and lifts, cranes, hook lifts, plus more. O.J. Watson Equipment represents the finest purpose-built equipment available. If your need is unique, we have a specialized piece of equipment to handle it.

Vac-Con Demo Units

We have a Vac-Con for every need! We're offering Special Pricing on these demo units! CALL TODAY!

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Parts Special! EZ-Dumper

The Original Hydraulic Dump Insert for Trucks (Since 1972)! The perfect solution for landscapers, general contractors and handy homeowners. It bolts directly to most full‐size pickup trucks in about two hours with few or no alterations. It dumps and lowers using a 12V Monarch Hydraulic Double‐Acting Pump that is connected directly to your truck’s battery.

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Parts Special! SnugTop UT Pro



A segment-leading design in commercial truck caps starting with the unique recessed fiberglass side doors and hardware that is as sleek and sophisticated as it is durable and functional - not found on any other commercial cap on the market today!

This new heavy-duty line of fiberglass caps offers optimum worksite efficiency.

Businesses looking to convey a successful image by giving their Work Trucks a more personalized appearance, enhanced by utility and security to meet the rigors of a challenging work environment! Snugtop understands that a company vehicle is like a "moving billboard" reflecting the image of the business to its customers.

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Parts Special! The Surveyor Pack Pro

The Surveyor Pack™ Pro takes all the functionality of the standard Surveyor Pack™ and maximizes it for pickup trucks by adding a Gullwing Truck Tool Box. You get the same smart, customizable storage compartments that are specially designed for the tools of your trade. HPI's exclusive, back-saving Truckslide™ turns the length of your truck bed into easily accessible storage. The Gullwing Truck Tool Box adds even more secure, weatherproof storage for everything you need to get the job done. Our rugged, low‐entry door design is a great feature for taller 4x4 trucks. The side compartments put your smaller equipment at eye level, right where you want it. *installation is not included but is available*

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