Don’t Fall Behind When the Fall Snow Falls
By By Mike McClanahan / September 30, 2022

It’s easy to feel fine when fall weather fills your mind with fun and football. But use that fine fall forecast to fix up your fleet for the coming fall snow. Don’t Get Caught with Your Plows Down Mid-October is the average date for the Denver area’s first snowfall and so far this year we’ve been blessed with beautiful weather as summer turns to autumn. But the mountains have already seen their...

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Mike McClanahan - September 16, 2021

Avoid Winter Breakdowns with Pre-Season Checkups

Don’t let the warm start to this fall in the Central Rockies lull you into complacency when it comes to getting your snow and ice removal equipment ready to roll when the first big storm hits. You...

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Mike McClanahan - August 30, 2021

It’s August, Time to Get Out Your Snowplows

If you’ve been in the Mountain West any length of time, you know that to be true. It’s late August and snow has already fallen on the highest peaks west of Denver…and there’s plenty more where that...

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Mike McClanahan - August 17, 2021

Cities Pick Schwarze for a Clean Sweep

Cleaning pavement involves more than just sweeping debris out of the way. A real cleaning involves picking it up, disposing of it responsibly, and keeping airborne particulates to a minimum in the...

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Michael McClanahan - May 30, 2021

Vac-Con Trucks Make a Clean Sweep of Debris Removal

Whether on job sites or city streets, Vac-Con® industrial vacuum trucks and heavy-duty machines are found wherever fast, efficient debris removal is called for. Their world-class industrial vacuum...

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Mike McClanahan - May 25, 2021

From Airport Runways to Streets and Parking Lots, Schwarze Sweepers Get the Job Done

You’ve seen what a flock of birds can do to an airliner—they even made a movie about it—but what about rocks and miscellaneous debris left or blown onto runways? Engines are at maximum power on...

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April 28, 2021

OJ Watson Keeps ‘Em Flying (and Driving), Part 2

OJ Watson Keeps ‘Em Flying (and Driving), Part 2 People in the Rocky Mountain region know that spring is one of the snowiest times of year. April is Denver’s second snowiest month and measurable...

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