Sweep Into Spring
By / April 29, 2023

As spring creeps its way from the plains to the high country, road and lot maintenance turns from snow removal to debris cleanup. That means it’s time get those vacuum trucks ready to roll. And whether you’re looking to upgrade or expand your fleet or simply keep the trucks you have in tiptop shape, O.J. Watson Equipment is ready to get you going. Industry-Best Sweepers Do the Job Right O.J....

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Michael McClanahan - August 21, 2022

Vac-Con Upgrade Kit Cuts Down Boom Maintenance

Moving debris from its source to the holding tank requires making a transition from vertical flow to horizontal. The elbow connecting the hose to the transfer pipe gets a lot of abuse as the material...

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Michael McClanahan - July 29, 2022

Schmidt’s All-Electric Sweeper Impresses in Germany

The sanitation department of Heidelberg, Germany recently added the new Schmidt eSwingo 200+ to it’s fleet of street sweepers and its reception has been enthusiastic. Heidelberg has long used...

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Mike McClanahan - July 20, 2022

Are Electric Work Trucks Part of Your Future?

Some people see a carbon-free future with all power coming from battery-operated cars, trucks, trains, and even airplanes. Truth is, all those types of vehicles have at least dipped their toes into...

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Mike McClanahan - July 03, 2022

Heavy-Duty Trucks Help Marshall Fire Cleanup Roll On

Residents of South Boulder County are ready and eager to rebuild after a devastating fire swept through the communities of Superior and Louisville on December 30, 2021. Less than six months after the...

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Mike McClanahan - June 28, 2022

Are You Ready for a Landscaping Boom This Summer?

Even in the face of generational inflation and rising mortgage rates, residential construction is up 18.6% through May 2022, according to one industry analyst. And most of that gain is in the higher...

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June 01, 2022

Spring Storms Show Need for Versatility

Colorado prides itself on its natural beauty that extends across all four seasons. Of course with its wide variety of geography and terrain, locals also know that at least three of those seasons can...

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