Landscaping Changes Are Coming. Are You Ready?
By / April 30, 2023

As water shortages spread across the West, communities are imposing restrictions on residential and commercial landscape designs. Aurora, Colorado’s third-largest city, recently banned certain uses of grass and turf in new developments and offers rebates for replacing turf with water-saving landscaping. Denver and other cities are looking at turf grass regulation as well—both voluntary and...

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Mike McClanahan - November 28, 2022

Parts Planning Prevents Problems

Face it, even the best work trucks break down, especially in the winter when fleets are often pressed into emergency services under the worst conditions. And when a truck is in the shop, it isn’t...

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Mike McClanahan - October 25, 2022

We Know Snow

For the second consecutive year, Colorado has seen exceptionally mild fall weather. Even the foothills have been spared all but occasional light dustings of snow. And while mid-October is the Denver...

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Mike McClanahan - October 24, 2022

Denver Int’l Airport Wins Environmental Award

Denver International Airport (DEN) was awarded the 2022 Leading Airport Fleet award this past summer by ACT Expo in recognition of the airport’s alternative and sustainable fleet assets. The award...

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By Mike McClanahan - September 30, 2022

Don’t Fall Behind When the Fall Snow Falls

It’s easy to feel fine when fall weather fills your mind with fun and football. But use that fine fall forecast to fix up your fleet for the coming fall snow. Don’t Get Caught with Your Plows Down...

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Mike McClanahan - September 24, 2022

Demo Deals Make Upgrades Affordable

Looking to add extra punch to your work fleet on a tight budget? Then OJ Watson’s Demo Deals are right for you. We’re constantly updating our inventory of barely used demo trucks and accessories from...

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Mike McClanahan - August 31, 2022

Is It Time to Catch Up on Maintenance?

Does your boom squeak? Or is it your bucket? Is your lift lifting lazily? Your pump pumping properly? We know that parts and supplies have been hard to come by the past year or so, but just as we’re...

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