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Parts Special! EZ-Dumper

The Original Hydraulic Dump Insert for Trucks (Since 1972)! The perfect solution for landscapers, general contractors and handy homeowners. It bolts directly to most full‐size pickup trucks in about two hours with few or no alterations. It dumps and lowers using a 12V Monarch Hydraulic Double‐Acting Pump that is connected directly to your truck’s battery.


*installation not included but is available

All you need are a few common tools. No alterations are needed for most trucks. Simply slide the EZDumper into your truck bed, secure it with bolts in the holes already on your truck, and you’re ready to go. To empty a payload, just open the tailgate and push the button on your remote. The EZ‐Dumper lifts to an angle of 51 degrees in about 15 seconds for a quick and clean unloading.

You can easily move tree limbs, rock, demo debris, and anything else you could think of!

This dumper can handle whatever you need to put in it!

Let's you dump, THEN spread what you dump.

Short bed options are available, call for details.


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