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We’re Wired for Business
April 21, 2022

From new construction to remodeling and disaster recovery, the world runs on electricity and that means hundreds of miles of wiring needs to be strung, buried, or replaced every week. And wherever that wire needs to go, O.J. Watson Equipment has a truck to make the job easier.

Wiring Up

When the work is on overhead lines, Aerial Platform and Bucket Trucks are the choice of utility companies and electrical contractors. We have both insulated and non-insulated utility trucks with your choice of either hydraulic or electrical lifts. They’re all designed to get you up and down safely and efficiently for optimal productivity.

Wiring Down

More and more utility lines are being run underground, either by choice or by law. Trenching equipment varies from compact, hand-operated excavators to massive trenchers that can move yards of earth a minute. They all have one thing in common, though—they can’t get to the jobsite on their own.

Fortunately, O.J. Watson Equipment has a variety of trucks—from platform and stake-body trucks to lift and hook bodies—to load and carry earthmoving equipment of all types and sizes. Many can be customized with accessories and storage for other parts and equipment to keep the job moving.

Putting It Together

Whether you’re working overhead or down low, the end goal is to get the wiring run. That’s where specially designed and equipped Service Bodies shine. Installed on large and small trucks of nearly any type, they can be ordered off-the-shelf or custom-built in our shops to carry all the tools, supplies, and equipment needed to finish the job. We even have models with cable spool dispensers that let you run the lines right from the truck, saving time and money.

OJ is the OG in Work Trucks

O.J. Watson Equipment has been customizing trucks from pickups to large workhorses for over 100 years, so you can be sure you're getting the finest designs and equipment backed up by OEM parts and superior service. With facilities in Denver and Greely, we’re easy to get to from all Front Range and rural Colorado locations.

We also have a huge variety of accessory items and parts at both our locations, and we are experts in custom fabrication to meet every need. We have 20 mechanics on the floor in our Denver shop and 10 more in Greeley, and we stock the parts you need to stay productive year-round. Our suppliers are the most trusted brands in the business, and since we build custom trucks, we have more brands and varieties of parts available than other dealers.

Simply put, whatever specialized truck and truck equipment you require, from large to small, O.J. Watson Equipment is proudly prepared to handle it.

Learn more about utility trucks and our other many products and services on our website: ojwatson.com.