OJ. Watson News

October 12, 2020

Vacuum trucks, particularly with the newer recycler function, reduce costs and help save the environment. Municipalities, contractors, and federal agencies are expanding their use of vacuum trucks for hydro excavation, sewer jetting, sewage removal, sewage disposal, sewer line cleaning, pipelines, catch basins, and culvert cleaning. Vacuum trucks with high-pressure water combined with extraordinary vacuum power, compound efficiency and save costs in a measurable way. The recycling functionality allows operators to reuse water already in the vacuum truck system, an exponential benefit.

Traditional excavation uses manual labor teams to clear and dig. Vacuum trucks get the same job done with only one or two operators on board. Vacuum trucks break up the soil with high-pressure water and remove the debris with the vacuum system and keep budgets in check saving on employment costs.

The recycler vacuum truck uses less water than a traditional combination vacuum truck allowing operators to reuse water by cleaning storm and sewer lines vs. having to constantly refill the freshwater tank from local utilities. Water diverted down the sewer drain is minimized and thus doesn’t have to be retreated at the plant, again saving money. Plus, the more expedient recycler allows the operators to complete jobs quicker—leaving time to tackle even more jobs.

Vac.Con® has manufactured nearly 9,000 custom-built, truck-mounted machines since 1986, including:

• Single Engine Combination Machine

• Dual Engine Combination Machine

• Tital Machine

• All-New X-Cavator

• X-Cavator

• XX-Cavator

• Industrial Vacuum

• Hot Shot

• Recycler

• C70 Video Cleaning Nozzle.

Potable water supplies are at risk and Vac.Con® products sold through OJ Watson are powered by efficient hydro static drives with an efficiency level at 98% compared to mechanical drives. As well the Vac.Con® product line uses larger capacity hydro static pumps that perform at reduced engine RPMs, an additional health benefit. And the proprietary 3-Stage Centrifugal Compressor loads material faster than any other machine and saves money per time on each project at hand.

Vac.Con® equipment is mounted on chassis that meet US EPA standards. Dual-engine machines come available with scrubbers, further reducing tailpipe emissions.

As the leader in Colorado and the West for commercial workforce trucks, OJ Watson has Vac.Con® products for demonstration and purchase. Call OJ Watson today.