OJ. Watson News

August 12, 2020

Loss of spring and summer revenues mean NOW is the time to make a move…to OJ Watson floor deals for snowplows.

The leader in quality service trucks and plows has the best snowplow on the market. Just in time to save your business from pandemic financial losses.

The best and most complete snow plow on the market for your half ton pickup truck is the Boss HTX 7ft 6in Stainless Steel Straight Blade Snow Plow comes in 6 different variants from 7'0″ to 7'6″ in length and blade materials of steel, stainless, and poly.

Boss Straight-blade HTX is built for half ton trucks who want a lighter duty of plow with the same rugged power Boss is known for.

This straight-blade with baked-on powder-coat with zinc primer resists corrosion.

Save now on the Boss plow at OJ Watson. Buying or leasing now means you can be assured you can service your customer list effectively. Or expand your list with an additional plow for your growing team of winter workers. With Boss equipment you can never be too equipment rich. You’ll have reliable equipment with service and support by OJ Watson at its two convenient locations.

Price and quality of service drive competition. And with the Boss you can deliver quality service at the lowest possible cost. Call this strategic purchasing.

Get to OJ Watson’s showroom today for an up-close view of the Boss on the floor!