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Lighten Up and $ave
By Mike McClanahan / April 29, 2022

Fleet operating costs are soaring as gasoline and diesel prices climb to near-record levels and new regulations keep piling up. We can’t do much about that, but we can help you cut down on expenses by adding fuel efficiency and other cost-saving features to your work trucks.

Shed Some Pounds
Lightweight aluminum air and water tanks, toolboxes, wheels, and brake drums can your trucks’ gross weight by hundreds of pounds. And less weight means less fuel needed per mile.

O.J. Watson Equipment has a wide variety of strong, lightweight accessories that can be fitted to all types of flatbed, pickup, platform, and specialty work trucks to lighten your load. Most are available off-the-shelf for quick and easy installation, and if you need a special design, our expert design and build staff can customize them to your specific needs.

Lighten Up Your Fleet
If a new work truck is in your future, we represent industry-leading brands like GM, Monroe, Oshkosh, and Vac-Con, companies pioneering the use of lightweight designs that keep fuel costs down while complying with the latest emissions and fleet fuel economy standards. And we stock the OEM parts and accessories to keep them running for years to come.

Lighter Means Less Wear and Tear
Every pound you save cuts down on maintenance costs, too. Transmissions, engines, and brakes last longer when they’re not dealing with unnecessary weight to start, stop, and go.

Less Weight is Good for Your Bottom(line)
As you can see, the financial benefits of lightening up your fleet’s gross weight add up quickly. So whether it’s customizing, retrofitting. or new purchases, O.J. Watson Equipment is here to help keep your fleet lean and mean.

OJ is the OG in Work Trucks
O.J. Watson Equipment has been customizing trucks from pickups to large workhorses for over 100 years, so you can be sure you're getting the finest designs and equipment backed up by OEM parts and superior service. With facilities in Denver and Greely, we’re easy to get to from all Front Range and rural Colorado locations.

We also have a huge variety of accessory items and parts at both our locations, and we are experts in custom fabrication to meet every need. We have 20 mechanics on the floor in our Denver shop and 10 more in Greeley, and we stock the things you need to stay productive year-round. Our suppliers are the most trusted brands in the business, and since we build custom trucks, we have more brands and varieties of parts available than other dealers.

Simply put, whatever specialized truck and truck equipment you require, from large to small, O.J. Watson Equipment is proudly prepared to handle it.

Learn more about utility trucks and our other many products and services on our website: ojwatson.com.