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Heavy-Duty Landscaping Takes Heavy-Duty Trucks
By Mike McClanahan / May 23, 2022

Sometimes even bad things can have a good side and one of the good things to come out of the Covid crisis (bad) was people discovering they want more enjoyable outdoor living at their homes (that’s good, especially for landscapers).

Are You Ready for Increased Demand?

The landscaping business was good last year and industry sources predict it will be even better this year. As people settle into a post-pandemic routine, they’re learning the value of time spent at home, whether they’re away at the office or working from home. And with home prices and interest rates soaring, many are choosing to stay in place and turn their old home into their dream home.

In Colorado, that means taking fullest advantage of our eight months of beautiful outdoor weather. Outdoor living rooms and kitchens are high on the list, as are adding beauty to lawns and gardens.

Sticks and Stones Mean $$ in Your Pockets

As outdoor projects grow in size and scope the need for heavy, bulky loads of lumber, rocks, and stones increases. And having the right trucks to haul and place them saves time and money on the job…and more dollars going to the bottom line.

At O.J. Watson Equipment, we’re ready to help you meet that added demand with trucks and equipment designed to add versatility and efficiency to your landscaping business. If you’re looking to expand your fleet, we have platform trucks, cranes. dump bodies, utility vans, or plain ol’ pickups to handle landscaping and construction jobs from the smallest lawns and gardens to huge parks and sports complexes. We can also customize your new and existing trucks to meet your special needs.

With 30 top-notch mechanics in our Denver and Greeley shops, we also service, repair, and replace parts and equipment to keep you productive year-round. Our suppliers are the most trusted brands in the business, and since we build custom trucks, we have more brands and varieties of parts available than other dealers.

OJ is the OG in Work Trucks

O.J. Watson has been building and maintaining trucks from pickups to large workhorses for over 100 years, so you can be sure you're getting the finest designs and equipment backed up by OEM parts and superior service. With facilities in Denver and Greely, we’re easy to get to from all Front Range and rural Colorado locations.

We also have a huge variety of accessory items and parts at both our locations, and we are experts in custom fabrication to meet every need. Whatever specialized truck and truck equipment you require, from large to small, O.J. Watson is proudly prepared to handle it.

Learn more about landscaping resources and our other many products and services on our website: ojwatson.com.