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Electric Work Truck Options Are Growing
October 26, 2023

It’s no secret that the push to battery-operated cars, trucks, trains, and even airplanes is gaining momentum here in Colorado and in several other states. Colorado governor Jared Polis’ administration has decreed that 80% of vehicles sold in the state must be electric-powered by 2035. And while heavy-duty work trucks are only a small percentage of vehicles sold in the state, light-duty truck sales are significant.

How will this affect your fleet planning in the coming years? Let’s take a look.

The Future of Electric Work Trucks
There are a lot of politics involved in regulations and mandates coming from both local and federal government agencies but one thing is certain—low-carbon energy sources are the wave of the future.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the hot topic but other power sources like natural gas, propane, and even hydrogen are also getting closer looks. Natural gas and propane have been powering vehicles from forklifts to buses for years and are under development for heavier duty vehicles.

As battery power and technology continue to evolve, more and more heavy vehicles will be designed to use electricity for power. This year’s American Trucking Association exhibits featured electric over-the-road models from heavyweights like Peterbilt and Freightliner as well as a hydrogen cell-powered option from Kenworth.

More all-electric construction vehicles are coming to market, too. Industry leaders like Caterpillar, John Deere, and Bobcat showed heavy-duty electric vehicles at the 2023 ConExpo in March. And street and lot maintenance companies are adding EVs like Schmidt’s eSwingo 200+ sweeper at a brisk pace.

Electric Trucks Move into the Light-Duty Market
While companies like Volvo, Freightliner, and Cummins have freight haulers on the road, the electric motors to power huge trucks like airport snowplows and earth movers are still under development. But for lighter-duty trucks, the picture is more encouraging.

You’ve no doubt seen the ads for electric pickup trucks from legacy brands like Ford, GM, and Dodge. But several companies also offer electric service vans like the Ford E-Transit and box trucks like Freightliner’s eM2. Flatbed and stake trucks are also adaptable to battery power, so for many businesses like construction and landscaping, the EV era is already here.

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